Experience the Taste of our Cellar Door Wines

Just one hour drive from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is home to some of the best and iconic wineries in Victoria. Planning a visit to this lush green valley with a cool temperature? Cosmo Wines is a must-visit winery in Yarra Valley, with an incredible collection of red, white, and sparkling wines. Located at Bianchet Winery, you can visit our cellar wine store to taste and buy great wines at the best prices.

Why Choose Cosmo Wines Cellar Door?

You can buy all our premium brands and wines from the cellar door wine store at Bianchet Vineyard in Yarra Valley. Here are some reasons that have made Cosmo Wines the favourite of wine lovers in the country:

Quality: We give the greatest importance to the quality of our wines. Starting from sourcing the best grapes cultivated at our vineyard, to the fermentation process, packaging, and delivery, we follow the highest standard of quality in every phase of wine production.

Prices & offers: We offer great discounts on a range of our premium products. The high quality of our wines is comparable to the best of Australian and imported wines. The unique and incredibly diverse range of our wines has made us the preferred brand for wine lovers in Melbourne and beyond.

Benefits of Visiting and Buying From Cellar Door Wine Store

Like most people, you too may feel that it is better to buy wine online or from a local shop instead of going to a cellar door. Here are some of the reasons people prefer to buy from a cellar door:

Wide variety: You get the opportunity to try a wide range of wines. The various labels and types of wines available can be confusing and intimidating for a person. Our experts at the cellar door store happily answer all your queries and help you select the wines of your choice.

Taste & Smell before buying: You cannot smell or taste the wine when you buy it online or at a store. At a cellar door wine store, you can savour the aroma of the wine and taste it before buying it. This helps you try out different wines and buy only those that you like.

Incredible offers & best prices: Wine in cellar doors come with incredible offers and best prices that you do not find at any local store or during online purchases.

Outing with family & friends: The vineyard is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Yarra Valley has great restaurants where you can enjoy incredible food, in addition, to visiting the cellar door to pick up the best wines.

    Cellar Door trading hours:

    Sunday: 11am-5pm

    Monday to Thursday: 11 am-4 pm

    Friday & Saturday: 11am-5pm

    Good Friday: Noon-4pm

    ANZAC Day: 11 am-5 pm

    Cosmo Wines offers an authentic vineyard and cellar door experience in Yarra Valley. Come enjoy a great day with your loved ones and taste and buy great wines at the best prices.