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Australian wines have come of age and today compete with the best of French and American wines. While winemaking has been part of Australian life for a long time, it has taken up in a big way since the 1960s. Yarra Valley has emerged as a major centre for wine production with sprawling vineries, where grapes of every variety are grown.

Cosmo Wines is the leading winemaker in Yarra Valley located at Bianchet Vineyard, just one hour’s drive from Melbourne. Since 2008, we have been producing various wines that have delighted wine lovers across the country. Never shy of experimentation, our experienced winemakers use time-tested techniques and innovations to make one great wine after another. This has made us one of the best wine shops and the most sought-after local wine suppliers in Melbourne.

We offer wine delivery in Melbourne and cellar door sales at Bianchet Vineyard. Here, you can taste and devour the best and widest range of wines and pick them up at the offered prices. Our connoisseurs are at hand to help you with the various nuances of different wines and can suggest wines for every mood or gathering.

Each wine is different from another and there are various dishes that they can be paired with. These wines also help to lift your spirits after a tiring day and offer several health benefits. Wine is a great addition to liven up a party or for a gathering with friends or family over dinner or barbeque.

What Varieties of Wines Are Delivered by Cosmo Wines

Red Wines: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Shiraz are grown on the Bianchet Vineyard. Occasionally grapes are purchased to provide more commercial volumes

White Wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and the lesser known Verduzzo

Sparkling Wines: Sparkling Chardonnay and Sparkling Shiraz are popular products around the festive seaons

Rose: A light dry style that is always a favourite in summer.

Here are some of the different labels that we supply, which are well known to wine lovers in Melbourne and across Australia:

What Makes Us Your Ideal Local Wine Supplier?

Cosmo Wines has become the leading choice as a local wine supplier in Melbourne. Our passion for making the best wines and delivering the highest & exquisite quality wines for every mood and occasion has won us several awards, citations, laurels, and the trust of our customers. We strive to consistently make newer and better varieties of wine. These are the few reasons that have made us the best wine shop in Victoria:

  • Exquisite quality
  • Self-winery produce
  • Local economy booster
  • Finest ingredients
  • Experienced winemakers
  • Fast wine delivery
  • Best quality oaks
  • Perfect fermentation
  • Quality control at every stage

For getting wine delivered to your doorstep in Melbourne, you can order online on our website. We also deliver across Australia, within 7-14 days of accepting the order. You can also buy our wines via Dan Murphy's online store. Cosmo Wines offers free wine delivery for special offers and any online orders over $120.

Client Reviews

Cameron Lister

Lindsay was great. We got to talk with the owner and taste a variety of wines. Great wines and free tasting. Loved this find.

Hannah Payne

We did a wine tasting with Lindsay and loved every wine we tried--everything was so good and he was very nice and helpful. You also get to see the wine production going on, which was interesting.

Priscilla Lim

Nice selection of wine, unique and varied. Winemaker was knowledgeable and friendly.

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