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The celebration and party are never complete without sparkling wine in Australia and the world over. While it is sometimes referred to as “champagne”, sparkling wine is any bubbly white or red wine variety that meets the pre-determined industry standards. While champagne originated in France, sparkling wine is today made and sold across the world.

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Why Is Sparkling Wine the Drink of Celebration?

Just imagine a party or celebration of achievement without cakes, snacks & music, noise, excitement, or the splash of sparkling wine. How dull and listless such a celebration would be?

Sweet Sparkling wine is a compulsory part of every celebration. It adds colour and excitement to every party. Here are some of the reasons that make Sparkling wine an eternal favourite of partygoers:

Bubbles & spray: No Aussie celebration is complete without the shower spray of the sparkling wine. The bubbles and spray of the Sparkling wine is a sign of celebratory achievement. It also adds fun to the party or celebration. The bubbles of the sparkling wine oozing out of the bottle adds to the fun of the party.

Party mood: The Sparkling wine sets the mood of the party along with the music. It is the favourite drink we share with friends, family, and relatives. Whether you share the bottle or the glass, sparkling wine raises the bar of the party several notches.

Taste: Sparkling wine has a unique taste that makes it popular with wine enthusiasts. The Sparkling Shiraz has the taste of fruits like blackberries and cherries, along with notes of oak and is an acidic drink. While the Sparkling Chardonnay has a taste of green apple and pear with strong acidity.

Benefits of Sweet Sparkling Wine

Sparkling wines have become popular because they add fun to the party and are considered a mark of celebration. However, there are several other benefits of sparkling wine as well, such as:

Health benefits: Like most wines, sparkling wines also comes with a host of benefits for drinkers. They improve digestion of fibre, boost up your immune system, increase production of vital vitamins and help ward off disease-causing micro-organisms. They are also considered good for the heart and help prevent damage to heart vessels.

Skin benefits: Another little known but equally beneficial benefit of Sparkling wine is that it helps to improve your skin. The polyphenols present in Sparkling wine is an antioxidant that prevents skin redness and aids in keeping your skin glowing and healthy.

Mental benefits: Sparkling wine also makes you mentally alert, increases your cognitive abilities over time like your memory and attention span. This wine boosts your mental health in general and may also help in preventing the onset of dementia in later years.

Brighter Mood: By far, the single biggest reason that people love sparkling wines is that they set the party mood. No better way to lift your spirits after a tough workday or workweek than a glass of this wine. Sparkling wine is known to stimulate the brain that releases the dopamine or “feel-good chemical” that helps to make you feel light and happy.

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