About Us

The Name

The idea to produce wine under my own label was gaining impetus and substance as I began looking for factory warehouse premises in the inner suburban Preston area.

The primary focus being to produce wines from selected vineyards around Victoria. The production base would be suburban, or, as I liked to think ‘cosmopolitan’. This was shortened to ‘Cosmo’ for ease of recognition.


Brand & Purpose

Since December 2008 Cosmo Wines has been located in the Bianchet Winery. Following structural changes to the business on site the Bianchet Vineyard also came under my control leading to development of the Cellar Door within the winery, separating the winery from the restaurant business which also operates on the site. As the vineyard is rejuvenated it is pleasing to focus more on producing great wines from the dry-grown 40+ year old vines which will be presented under the Bianchet Vineyard brand.

The Cosmo Wines logo was a design that I had created while in High School. This was the ideal opportunity to utilise it, bringing various aspects of my life together. Loosely based on the balance and harmony of yin and yang, with a ‘cosmos’ background, the design also has Celtic influences.

Lindsay Corby

Early forays (while still at High School) into fruit winemaking kindled my interest in winemaking, but it was not until 1985 that I encountered my first vineyard and developed my passion for grapes and grape wine. This led to study at Charles Sturt University gaining qualifications in Viticulture and Wine Science.

Employment in various roles including cellar door sales, laboratory, and vineyard management, gave me an understanding of the complete ‘paddock to palate’ requirements of wine production.

Since 2001 my main focus was on developing undergraduate and postgraduate courses and teaching the art and science of the vine and wine at La Trobe University. Managing the small campus vineyard, and making and supervising student project wines, has allowed me to keep in touch with the seasons and winemaking trends.

The opportunity to use the winery at Bianchet in the Yarra Valley presented itself just prior to Christmas 2008. Some quick decisions were made and a busy couple of months ensued, winding down my work at La Trobe and gearing up for vintage. I look forward to enjoying with you the fruits of my labour.....