Welcome to Cosmo Wines

Welcome to Cosmo Wines

The idea to produce wine under my own label was gaining impetus and substance as I began looking for factory warehouse premises in the inner suburban Preston area.

The primary focus being to produce wines from selected vineyards around Victoria. The production base would be suburban, or, as I liked to think 'cosmopolitan'. This was shortened to 'Cosmo' for ease of recognition.

Since December 2008 Cosmo Wines has been located in the Bianchet Winery. Following structural changes to the business structures on site the Bianchet Vineyard also came under my control leading to development of the Cellar Door within the winery, separating the winery from the restaurant business which also operates on the site. As the vineyard is rejuvenated it is pleasing to focus more on producing great wines from the dry-grown 40+ year old vines which will be presented under the Bianchet label.

The logo was a design that I had created while in High School. This was the ideal opportunity to utilise it, bringing various aspects of my life together. Loosely based on the balance and harmony of yin and yang, with a ‘cosmos’ background, the design also has Celtic influences.

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Client Reviews

Cameron Lister

Lindsay was great. We got to talk with the owner and taste a variety of wines. Great wines and free tasting. Loved this find.

Hannah Payne

We did a wine tasting with Lindsay and loved every wine we tried--everything was so good and he was very nice and helpful. You also get to see the wine production going on, which was interesting.

Priscilla Lim

Nice selection of wine, unique and varied. Winemaker was knowledgeable and friendly.