Cosmo Wines 2015 Yarra Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Cosmo Wines


Product details:

From the fresh grapes of the vineyards of Yarra Valley comes the Sauvignon Blanc wine,famed for its Honeydew melon and passionfruit aromas & flavours. Cosmo Wines is a reputed brand known for the best quality and locally made Australian wines. It is located at Bianchet Winery in Victoria and has been making some of the best wines in the region.

Tasting notes:

The white wine, Sauvignon Blanc, is made from grapes sourced from 3 vineyards in the Yarra Valley. This gives it a range of flavours and adds good acidity. On the nose, it has the stimulating aroma of Honeydew melon and passionfruit. On the palate, it tings you with a crisp lime zest taste. Palate weight and complexity are enhanced using barrel fermentation and partial malolactic fermentation. Carefully blending 3% with aged reserve wines also contributes to its unique taste & drinkability and make it one of the best Sauvignon Blanc wines.

Product specifications:


Sauvignon Blanc

Brand Name

Cosmo Wines



Wine Maker

Lindsay Corby


Yarra Valley

Food Match


Standard Drinks


Vegan Friendly


Alcohol Volume



Screw Cap



Wine Sweetness




Wine Body

Medium Bodied


Bronze Medal at the 2016 Boutique Wine Show

What Goes Well With Sauvignon Blanc Wine?

Sauvignon Blanc wine is popular because of the ‘bold’ flavour and the high level of acidity. This makes them a refreshingdrink on a typical hot summer day. They pair well with a variety of foods, such as:

  • Green vegetables
  • Brussels sprouts/asparagus/Cucumbers/broccoli
  • Herb-driven sauces over fish/chicken/Tofu
  • Feta or chèvre
  • Thai or Vietnamese cuisine
  • Chicken, turkey/pork/halibut/smoked salmon
  • Cheese salad/goat cheese/ yogurt

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