Discover the Best Wines From Heathcote Wineries in Melbourne

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Heathcote wineries are famous for the opulent wines that they produce. It is home to some of the biggest and best wineries in Victoria and is just 2 hours’ drive from Melbourne. It is a great weekend escape from the city and offers some of the trendiest restaurants, resorts, and cellar door sales where you can pick up the best Heathcote Shiraz wines they have to offer.

While vineyards in Heathcote date back to the 19th century, commercial and large-scale wine production has advanced since the 1960s. Cosmo Wines is one of the leading producers and sellers of the best quality Heathcote Red wines that are extremely popular with wine lovers across Melbourne and other Australian cities.

You may wonder what makes Heathcote wines so special? The soil here is rich red with high water retention. The Shiraz grapes cultivated here are considered the best in entire Australia. No wonder then the wine made with Heathcote’s Shiraz grapes are known for richness & density in colour and taste. The climate, terrain, and skills of winemakers all work in unison to make Heathcote Red wine amongst the top red wines of Australia.

Buy the Finest Heathcote Shiraz from Cosmo Wines

We source the grapes from the best vineyards to produce the finest Heathcote Shiraz wines. With time-tested techniques and innovative fermentation, Cosmo Wines produces the finest Shiraz wines in Victoria. We bring the flair and flavour of Heathcote’s famous red wines to your dinner and party table.

Drinking the finest Shiraz wine is a ritual and Australians love the process as much as the wine. Here is how you should enjoy the finest Shiraz wine:

  1. Keep the bottle cool at 23 degrees. This helps in retaining the flavour and aroma of the wine.
  2. Use Bordeaux-style glasses to drink the Shiraz wine. This broad bowl and tall glass help to direct the wine toward the back of your mouth.
  3. Smell and savour the fruity flavour of the wine before drinking by holding the glass about 1 inch away from your nose.
  4. Drink the wine slowly. Every sip brings it rich flavour and aroma that lets you enjoy the drink to its fullest.
  5. Pair this wine with beef, red meat, or stews. Good food is not a distraction but complements the great wine.

Benefits of Shiraz Wines

Shiraz wines have all the benefits that we associate with red wines, including:

  • Good for bones
  • Prevents strokes
  • Heart risk reduction
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Reduces insulin resistance

Foods to Pair with Heathcote Red Wine

There are plenty of foods that you pair with Shiraz wines, such as:

  • Sausages
  • Kebabs
  • Hearty vegetables
  • Smoky barbecued meats
  • Braised beef
  • Hard cheeses like gouda
  • Barbecued chicken
  • Duck
  • Hamburger
  • Roast leg of lamb

You can easily buy Heathcote Red wine online at our website with Australia-wide delivery in 7-14 days. Come, savour the delight of the richest red wines from Heathcote wineries and bring colour, taste and richness to your classy dinner table or party.